The Healing Horse, Ch 5, Scene 7: Kitten Asks Joshua for Directions to the Horses

When Karen cannot see the horses, she asks for help. Little does she know that the man she asks will become one of her mentors.

Scene 7: Kitten Asks Joshua for Directions to the Horses

Looking around for help, she saw a tall, thin man with a blond mustache hurrying through the crowd. Dressed in a ten gallon hat and a brown plaid shirt with pearl snap buttons, his blue jeans tucked into cowboy boots, he stood out. He looked like someone who would know about horses.

“Excuse me, sir!” she said. “I’m here to ride the horses, but I can’t see them. Can you tell me where they are?”

Instantly stopping, he adjusted his bolo tie and said, “The horses are right over there, little lady, beneath the inverted funnel surmounted by a cupola. It’s the first building to your left, when you walk down the ramp, the tawny one embellished with blushing trim. You may behold the assorted members of Equus caballus through the fenestration of the hippodrome as you approach it. Each horse has a different design. Some have assorted color tones, while others have colorful tapestries draped over their saddles. Still others have stars and moons on their bridles. I’d show you the way, but I don’t think you need more help. Besides, I’m late for work and must mosey on before my boss has a conniption fit. Perhaps, I’ll see you momentarily.”

“Inverted funnel? Cupola? Fenestration? You mean the tan building with all the windows?”

“Yes, doll,” he said with a broad smile. “Simply put, they’re in through there!” He pointed a large right forefinger to a large tan building, winked, and concluded, “Appreshate ya askin’ me.”

As he hurried away, Karen saw the hippodrome to the left of the ramp, its gray roof sloping tent-like toward the sky, above a tan two-story building with corner towers. The tan looked like gold, and the red letters of the Merry-Go-Round sign stood out as if they were on fire. Inside were the horses she had come to ride. Now she knew where the calliope music was coming from. Overjoyed with enthusiasm, she was at one with everything around her. As she listened to the roaring calliope, she felt herself drawn toward its pounding one-two-three beat and the horses that she knew surrounded it. The enchanting music seemed to emanate from everywhere, slightly shrill, yet sweet and deliciously slow. It made her feel as if she were floating far away, in a world unto herself.

For a moment, she felt content to stand and enjoy the August breeze blowing through her hair, but she realized that, despite her enthusiasm, she was still afraid.

I’ll do it! I won’t be afraid to try anymore. I won’t be afraid to show myself that I can accomplish things. You can hold on, Karen. There is no reason why you can’t do this. It won’t be that difficult!


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