The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 3: Karen Reflects More While Walking Home

As she walks home, little Karen reflects on what she has just done. She has not just ridden on a carousel. She has come out of her chrysalis and opened her wings as a butterfly. She is has begun a new life.

Scene 3: Karen Reflects More While Walking Home 

While walking home, Karen reflected on her momentous yet peaceful outing. She thought of Pegasus, of her horseback ride, and of the kind man Joshua. His compassionate and considerate ways were etched in her mind like an inspiring piece of fine art. No one except Mama had ever made her feel so valuable before. Karen also knew that even if Joshua’s impressive vocabulary did not stay with her, his halo of affection would remain, and she determined herself that she would pass on his brand of kindness to others. Besides, she had a dictionary at home. She vowed that she would start exploring it. 

Oh! This is outstanding. How absolutely, positively stupendous this magical merry-go-round is! I’m so glad my desire was stronger than my fear! I’m sooo glad!! I will put this on my list of things to remember if I ever need inspiration to be strong, again! This is incredible! Every time something seems hard or unbearable, I will remember this moment. It will give me the strength I need to stay strong. The memory of this experience will be my assurance that I have the courage to prevail. Mama will be so pleased! I am transforming my life and being by believing in myself and going beyond the limits that the experts set. When I walked through the beveled glass doors, I became a new person. Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, I left the old Kitten behind when I fluttered my new wings.

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