The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 2: Mama Watches Over Her Kitten’s Journey

Even though little Kitten thought she was entirely on her own, as she bravely walked to the pier, found the hippodrome, and went for her first horseback ride, her mother proudly watched over her every step of the way.

Scene 2: Mama Watches Over Her Kitten’s Journey

Mama arrived home from work right after her Kitten had set out on her journey. Finding the note, she immediately drove to the pier, passing Karen on the way. Arriving at the ramp ahead of her daughter, Mama blended into the crowd and silently watched over every step of Kitten’s adventure without interfering in any way. Her little girl was growing up and following her heart into the world beyond home and school. With tears of joy in her eyes, she watched Karen bravely buy a ticket and courageously ride the carousel.

Now, hidden behind a sign, Mama watched her daughter lean against the protective railing. The day had been long and tiring for them both. As Karen began her walk home, Mama slowly followed her.

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