The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 1: Karen Reflects While Watching the Water

In Chapter 6, Karen builds a friendship with Pegasus. In the first scene, though, she reflects on what she has accomplished by walking to the pier and riding him in the hippodrome.

Scene 1: Karen Reflects While Watching the Water

After her moment of silence with Pegasus, she quietly eased herself out of the carousel dome and onto the open pier, where she could look out over the water. She leaned against the metal railing and watched the afternoon sun dip beneath the horizon. Gazing at the ocean, she watched the waves’ rhythmic rippling. Comforted by the remaining azure light of the sky, she realized, again, what she had accomplished. Elated, she was beyond overjoyed. She was caught up in a moment of pure jubilation and rapture. An exceptionally breathtaking orange and red sunset spread before her, but she knew that the darkening sky above meant night was coming, soon. She had to be on her way.

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