The Healing Horse, Ch 5, Scene 16: Joshua Lifts Her Down

This scene concludes chapter five and foreshadows the developing friendship between Kitten, Joshua, and Pegasus.

Scene 16: Joshua Lifts Her Down

After a few minutes, her new carousel friend helped her unbuckle the red strap that secured her safely on Pegasus’ back. With ease, he lifted her down from the stallion’s back. In her mind’s eye, she saw herself as Margot Fonteyn flying gracefully through the air, supported by Rudolf Nureyev’s powerful arms.

“Did you have a fun ride, doll?” the man asked gleefully.

“Oh, yes! I did, very much so. Thank you! I had a terrific time!”

“Don’t forget to come back soon—we’ll be expecting you! Have a pleasureful day.”

“Okay, you can count on it,” Karen replied, smiling.

“If you ever need any accommodation, just ask for me. My appellative is Joshua.”

“Thanks, Joshua. I can guess what pleasureful and appellative mean, and I’ll see ya, tomorrow!”

With quiet concentration, she whispered to herself the brand-new words, “Pleasureful, appellative, beseeched, and pulchritudinous!”

Aloud, she declared, “Joshua! What a wonderful name! No doubt, you are a keeper.”

She glimmered from within. It made complete sense that he was in charge of the horses.

“Be careful as you step off the carousel, doll. That’s a big step down!”

“I will. Thank you so much, and goodbye for now, Joshua.”

He returned her wave with one just as friendly.

Joshua walked away, and Karen decided to stay behind for one last precious moment. She stood next to Pegasus and bid her new stallion adieu. Joshua was terrific, but right now, nothing was as magical as Pegasus.

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