The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 3: The Pretzel Cart

In this scene, Karen once again demonstrates that she is growing up. She buys herself a pretzel, but holds off on enjoying it until she can get a suitable treat for Pegasus. If you’re curious about how you can make these pretzels at home, here is a link to the recipe, courtesy of the Official Disney Fan Club:

D23 Party Kit recipe Pretzels and cheesy dip

Scene 3: The Pretzel Cart

Karen and Pegasus poked their heads into many of the shops, as they walked down the street. Then, they stopped at a cart parked in the street. In it, Karen saw a man shaping dough into pretzels that looked like Mickey Mouse. Karen’s eyes were focused on him. She had never seen anything like this before.

“Um, yummy,” Karen said. “I love those pretzels, Pegasus. They must taste so good. Perhaps I’ll get one later.”

“If you want one, Kitten, why don’t you buy one, now? Breakfast was a long time ago. I think we’re both due for a snack to keep up our strength.”

“You’re right, boy. My stomach is growling like a tiger.”

She bought one of the pretzels and started to take a bite out of it, but then paused.

“What about you, Pegasus? You must be hungry, too.”

Her horse neighed and said, “I see a fruit stand just ahead. They must have a good treat for a horse.”

“Yes!” Karen said. “I’m sure they must, and I’ll hold onto my treat until we can eat together.”

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