The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 2: Pegasus Meets a Horse

In this scene, Karen strolls down Main Street and sees how architecture and color can create a feeling of joy and safety, so people can relax and forget their worries. Pegasus then expresses his appreciation for what she has done for him, and she realizes that she truly can give as well as receive.

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Scene 2: Pegasus Meets a Horse

Pegasus carried Karen along with the flow of people, until they saw a horse-drawn street car from the 1890s pulled by a large brown horse.

“I wonder if I’m related to that horse. I’m going to talk to him,” Pegasus said.

“Okay, boy,” Karen said. “Just let me get down, first. I want to walk around while you talk. You can catch up with me in a few minutes.”

After watching her mount stroll over and begin a conversation that looked to her like a lot of neighing, blowing, and hoof-stamping, Karen found her attention drawn to the feeling that Main Street gave her. Everyone around her looked happy, and they all got along with each other.

She walked between the rows of colorful buildings. Some stood tall, while others were short. Golden yellows and beiges set the tone of the street. Awnings shaded some shop windows, while balconies with beveled glass doors opening onto them topped others. There was a cheerful Mediterranean and Spanish look to some. They had different style columns. That’s what made them look so distinctive. Some were thick and square, while others were round.

She realized that it was the architecture and colors that made the street so warm and inviting. They put people at ease, so they could relax and enjoy themselves.

She strolled by a row of shops. Some sold candy and ice cream. Some sold clothes. There were even a bank and a pharmacy, just like in a real town.

After a few minutes, Pegasus came bounding up to her, filled with energy. She had never seen him prance like this before.

He neighed and then said, “I can’t believe it, Kitten! This place is amazing. It’s even better than I imagined it would be. I visited with that brown horse. He was so friendly that I made friends with him. He said that working here is the best thing a horse could hope for. There really is magic here. I don’t know how to show you my appreciation for bringing me here, Kitten. You don’t know what this means to me.”

Karen was moved beyond words. She needed a minute to compose herself. She knew now, that she could, indeed, bring about blessings. She knew that she had made her stallion completely happy. She knew that she could give to him, as well as receive the blessings of his presence and guidance.

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