The Healing Horse, Ch. 14, Scene 5: Karen Buys Tickets

In this scene, Karen and Pegasus exit the tram and enter Disneyland. Everyone is nice to them, and she gets their picture taken. Once again, thanks to Yesterland for their historical photos.

Scene 5: Karen Buys Tickets

When the tram stopped, Karen thanked the driver and said good-bye to the other passengers. Several of them said they hoped that she and her horse had a wonderful day.

Karen held Pegasus by his mane and led him to the line of people waiting their turn to buy tickets. When they reached the cream-colored booth, the lady inside said that Pegasus could get in for free. She pointed to a gate that Karen and her horse could use since they could not get through the turnstiles.

As soon as they got into the park, Karen spotted the Mickey Mouse flowerbed in front the Disneyland Train Station. She jumped up onto Pegasus’s back and rode to it.

“Excuse me,” she said to a passing couple. “Could you please take our picture? Here’s my camera.”

She pulled a little Brownie camera out of her bag and handed it to them. The lady took a picture and returned the camera.

“Thank you!” Karen said. “I bought this camera just for today.”

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