The Healing Horse, Ch. 14, Scene 4: The Tram

In this scene, Karen once again stands up for herself and advocates for herself and her horse. She also notices that the tram driver treats her with respect, even though he notices her weak left leg. This is a big moment for her, as she grows up.

Here is a photo of what the tram might have looked like. (Thanks to for their many wonderful, historic photos of the Magic Kingdom.)

Scene 4: The Tram

After the lot attendant left, Karen heard a swoosh above her. She and Pegasus both looked up, as a streamlined monorail passed overhead, moving at high speed but with almost no noise.

“You think…” she started to say.

“No, my dear. I’d never fit,” Pegasus said.

They both laughed and stepped up onto the tram waiting area.

In a few minutes, the tram pulled up, and they heard the driver’s voice welcoming everyone aboard. He was a short, bald man.

“Hi there everybody! My name is Marty. I’ll be your driver, today, and—is that a horse?”

He frowned and looked directly at Karen. She felt nervous, but at least he was treating her like someone who could answer questions, not like a helpless kid.

“Yes, sir,” she replied. “He’s my horse. I’ll need him to get around inside Disneyland.”

He eyed her weak left leg and nodded.

“Okay,” he driver said. “That makes sense, but you know he won’t fit on the tram. He’s just too big.”

She thought fast and said, “He doesn’t have to ride. He can trot along beside the tram.”

When he heard that, the driver smiled and said, “You’re a smart girl. I like that. You have things figured out.”

Karen beamed, and the driver said to the other passengers, “Let’s have a big round of applause for this smart little girl and her horse!”

After the clapping died down, he put the tram into gear and said very quietly, “I’ll go slow, so he won’t have any trouble keeping up.”

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