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Returning to My Untapped Roots

My readers are probably wondering what happen to the gal at Whispers of Hope who write’s those down to earth, heavy, right on, articles?  Well, this girl has been busy at work in all areas of her life.  I have

Advocacy Development

Since I began to deal with the obstacles inherent in having a disability, I have taken many paths in advocating for myself and those I care about.  One of the most rewarding directions I’ve taken was when I served as

A War Against the Enemy

The canopy shines down upon me with it’s bright beautiful light, spurring me on with its powder blue sky’s to keep on keeping on. Its warm, soft fibers wrap me up in a comfortable, soothing blanket where I have been

Keep on Keeping on

Last night I received a very warm email from a new friend whom I met on the Internet.  It warmed the deepest part of my heart because I could feel the words she wrote.  “What kind of learning disability” Her

What Can I Do

This morning I received a Google alert on learning disabilities, and, oh how I wanted to participate and get involved, and work with these people and share with them what I know to enlighten them.  However, the position was in


I do not know what will come of all the letter’s I’ve sent out in the last couple of days to promote myself, and my abilities as a public speaker- but what ever it is, I know that I did


I will make this happen for myself too- just like everything else in my life-  I am as determined as determined can be to move forward with anticipation and recognition with my public speaking career.  And even though I have


Recently, Over and over again in the news and media, I keep hearing and reading about how they treat “Us” individuals with learning disabilities.  After all these years, I still see how they tend to degrade people with LD, and


Today, I spent the first 5 hours of my day writing a letter and advocating for a woman who’s son has C.P. and a learning disability.  She needed some help and Salas for this IEP meeting on Friday.  Well, to

Activity is a good thing

It is now 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon California time, and I have been on the go all morning.  I have been writing to people all day long and networking. What a wonderful feeling to take action and, to make