February is upon us once again…

Were have the days gone? It was Christmas only 2 months ago!  In the hectic lives we all live and lead, we eagerly just keep turning the pages of time.   The moments don’t stop for us, or for our convenience, they continually keep on ticking. Tic, tic, tic.   Daily we look at our calendar’s.  We look to see what we have scheduled  and penciled in for that particular day.

Rarely do we stop for a second, to take a moment to smell the fragrances before us.  We don’t stop to listen to the quit, stillness in the air.  Still, we seldom stop to focus in on the unseen and the unspoken.  We certainly don’t stop to mark or jot down those treasured seconds.  We get caught up in the moment, deterring us from what’s really important to us.   Too fast, the moments slip by.   We forget to think about all the precious things that we are grateful, for.  We forget about nice things that are said and done.    Before you know it, in a blink of an eye; years and decades have past us by.  Things that were once so very important to us, have melted away like the glaciers in the most high.

Now, the sweet ,sugar, coated aromas of the canopy fill the air.  Red and pink pedals of roses  are in plenty, and lovers will soon croon the tune “unforgettable.”  The card store’s will be creeping with people hustling to hone in on the perfect card and gift.  People will crowd the restaurants to celebrate Anniversary’s,  birthday’s, and especially valentines day.

These celebrations are a reminder to value what is really important in our lives, which is time spent with those we love. In looking back, it is that which we remember.

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