A New President in Office

Yesterday, like many of millions of people, I stayed glued to the T.V. watching Barack Obama take the presidential oath. I found myself reflecting back to a time in my past when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I had a dream” speech. I was only 12 years old.   Now, I find myself reflecting on the importance of this day, our world, how far we have come, and now, 45 years later, seeing for my very own eyes an African American with similar determination and a will of firmness and purpose become President of our United States of America..

My eyes welled up with hope, as tears of promise and resole spoke sweetly from the presidents voice. I welled up with the hope of hope that he well transform our world and our lives like never seen before.  I shed tears from my past and what I have gone through, and tears that these kind of atrocities will never happen to other disabled people again.

I understand a more subtle but no less real form of stereotyping.  I have spent a life time working toward full inclusion, but am still struggling with the spider web of social security.  It is ridiculous that a woman who has published a book, won a law suit, created a website, got one of her degrees despite what the experts said; should be offer entry level jobs designed for people thirty years younger.  If I were a member of any other group the outrage felt over this injustice would have exploded the universe. It would have been a Watts Riot in hell.  I truly believe that our new president should look to the untapped energy, and, the un unsung leaders  of our community to help solve the other problems he is struggling with.

All of us have expended immeasurable amounts of discipline, time, and energy  fighting the system to live self-directed normal lives.  It would be very nice if our leaders from both parties and all levels of our government would take the time to hear and listen, and wear our moccasins for a day.  I think that there should be councils of people with disabilities to sit and serve on all levels of government to protect the vital interest of our community.

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