Dear Mr. President

A few days ago, I spent the day writing a very long letter to our new president. I sat contently doing so, for more than 4 and a half hours without a break.  I was compelled and provoked by a powerful feeling that I could not shake.  It reminded me of a very long time ago in my life, when I was only 24 years old.   I began this journey  towards becoming an advocate because there was no one at the time to help me, or to believe in me.  Thus, I began to take matters into my own hands to not only help myself, by writing letter after letter, but to assert myself by speaking up.   Little did I know at the time, that I was making this a better place for all disabled people to live. And that I would become a pioneer.

The night before, I had seen a program on my PBS channel, about President Obama.  They shared with the television viewer his thoughts and feelings as a man; along with his upbringing. In detail, they described his life, his experience’s, and the inner stuff that drove him as an individual to reach his goal of becoming president.  That touched a cord inside of me.  This report, also gave us, the viewer, a painted portrait of our president, the qualities he possess, his characteristics; his determination, charisma, and  his will to  propel himself to move forward in his life, and his political career.

They even explained the step-by-step directions that he took.   Watching this portrayal, stirred something  within my gut.  Maybe its because of all the issues I have taken on upon myself.  Maybe its because someone else possesses the same drive and determination as I.  Perhaps its because of all the fighting I have had to do to move forward in my own life to prove myself.  And, just maybe it was my innate instinct to not be bullied by others, or be treated less then who I really was.   But, whatever it was, It aroused a feeling in side of me which ruffled my furry feathers.

This sketch provoked  me into action.  It got my attention in a way that I could not rest at all. I was unsettled.   I knew I had to do something once again to not only help myself, but to make a true difference in society.  Thus, I followed my gut and my heart.  I stood to attention, thought for a moment, and  with an automatic barometer check, I became aware of my  thoughtfulness. I was aware of a mindfulness within myself.  So  I listened and watched very carefully.  I took heed with a vigilances.   Once again I found myself taking action.

If you too would like to take action and send your thought to your congressman, senator, elected official, your voice will be heard too!  You too can change the world.

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