Children’s Hospital

This past weekend, I went to visit my great niece in the hospital.  She had a ruptured appendix, and was told to go straight to Rady’s Children’s Hospital of San Diego.  So Sunday, around 11:30 in the morning, my husband and I took a two hour drive up there.  The traffic was surprisingly good. We did not hit any snags in the road, or get tangled up in any bumper to bumper 15 to 30 minute traffic jams or clogged arteries.

It was the second day that I really began to walk longer distance with my sprained ankle, bare full weight on my foot, and wear tennis shoes.  My tendons were stretched to the gill,  but It felt good getting out of the house, giving of my own self, and, giving love to someone else who really needed the comfort and care of someone elsebaby mes concern.

It made me feel wonderful inside going out of my way!  It made me also feel wonderful inside that I could give of myself so freely- And, it felt even better being able to give pure unconditional support  to a loved one who’s parents could not be their on this particular day.

When I walked through the sliding glass doors, I was suddenly thrown back in time.  I was in a time wrap, where I could recall specific events that took place.  I was a little, 18 month old child, all over again, yet it was 2008.  Being in the hospital made me feel warm and safe.  It made me remember my physical therapist. It made me think of how the hospital has grown; as well as gave me glimpses of my past and things to be most grateful for.

Know matter how much I tried to stay in the present moment, when ever there were silent periods of time, I couldn’t stop recalling the time I spent in the Los Angeles Children’s hospital.

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