Feeding Time

Every morning around 7 a.m. I am awaken by  my loving furry friends.  It is either Patches kissing me on the face, my sweet  Siamese wanting to snuggle under the blankie’s, on mama’s chest, or my recent striped 6 month old, tabby, Cleopatra, nibbling on my hair.

What’s a mama to do when she has a bunch of hungry babies whining ?  She immediately goes and feed them!  So I get out of bed, get dressed, wash my face, make my bed, and head towards the kitchen.  But before I reach there, I usually make a stop, to clean there messy litter box out.

Feeding Time 005

While scooping out their business, I am surrounded by two kitty’s and a heeler/terrier singing to me,  to hurry up!   When I finally reach the kitchen, I am greeted, by a Siamese cat, Angel, who is hiding in the pantry, because she has learned to open the pantry door by herself, where her food is kept.

I pull out their big plastic containers, where I keep their healthy,organic, dry and wet food, along with their vitamins.  I begin the process by trying to dish the food out to them.  Some days are better than others, but on most days; I am bombarded by two kitties, who try and snatch a taste of there food before it’s ready.   So patiently, one by one, I keep putting them down on the floor, only to rush to get some dry and some wet food in their separate dishes before it is eaten up in one gulp!  Finally, after two or three go around’s of taking them off the counter top where they eat, I get it-  All their food is  plated up, and one by one I can feed them all:>)

Feeding Time 002
Feeding Time 001
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