Returning to My Untapped Roots

My readers are probably wondering what happen to the gal at Whispers of Hope who write’s those down to earth, heavy, right on, articles?  Well, this girl has been busy at work in all areas of her life.  I have been busy making myself healthy and whole, along with traveling and gathering information to write more amazing articles for you; as well as working towards new opportunities in public speaking.

I spent the last ten days at sea, seeing the sea of Cortez and the gulf of Mexico.   In spite of falling at our last port, Puerto Vallarta, and twisting my ankle, my husband Chris and I were able to see much of Mexico and the way people live.

Despite the poverty I saw, I saw something that really touched my heart.  I saw a commitment to man kind that is rarely seen in our United States today.  Despite how poor these individuals are, there is still the genuine care and concern about others.

I saw it first hand with me.  While crossing the cobble stone streets in Puerto Vallarta, Cars stopped abruptly to wail till I stood up safely.  That probably would not of happened in our county.  Even when I was a little girl of four, I was not only knocked down by a screaming stampede of five, six, seven, and eight year olds; running like cattle to win a treasure hunt, but I ended up with cuts and scrapes, a locked full length leg brace and a stretch out stepped on body and pancake hands.

I have always believed that people who are struggling understand our situation better then those who never had to struggle a day in there lives. My own experiences have reinforced that which I am learning.

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  1. Some of us who are born with one disability or another have a learning experience which makes us great at our different life careers. We gain an inner depth that makes us special in some fields. I am dyslexic and when I got my MSW and became a psychotherapist I discovered the phrase “Wounded Healer.” I think that is true of those of us who push through a lot of life and smile, most of the time or pick themselves up as you did in this piece you wrote.

    Katherine Bolman and you might enjoy my website keeping in mind that I am dyslexic please let me know of errors on any of the pages you read. Thanks

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