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Words Without Meaning

How many times have you sat in a doctor’s, counselors, or therapist office, nodding your head politely because you didn’t understand what they said? Or maybe, it was because you knew exactly what they said, and what they really meant? 

Favorable Chances vs. Missed Opportunities

When you think back on your life as a person with Cerebral Palsy and Special Needs, what comes to mind?  At first, do you personally think of all the discrimination that has come your way?  Do you think of all

Reaching For The Moon

While stretching out your arm to grasp the good things in life one desires and dreams of, have you as a person with Cerebral Palsy become aware of what actions you must take in your life to accomplish want you

Time Hasn’t Changed a Thing

What is balance?  In the Oxford dictionary, balance as early as 5000 BC., is defined as an exquisitely precise measuring of making things equal.  Is it innate or is it what others say it will be?  Have people tried to

Tis the Season

When I think of Christmas and Hanukah, I think of giving.  I think of joyful memories, and I think of good times spent with the people I care for and about.  I think about looking outward.  I think about making

It Never Stops

In all the 60 years I have been alive, we still do not know how to treat the disabled or challenged person with dignity and respect.  I just had a birthday seven days ago, and it has really gotten my

Incomprehensible Comprehension

In the last few months, as I have struggled with inner ear problems, and have been bed ridden and house bound, I have had a lot of time to think.  I have come to the conclusion that the greatest waste

Assumptions & Arrogance

After another year winds to a close, I have often been moved deeply. The years, months, days and hours past through my heart and mind like a stamp stuck on paper. It takes me back to all those moments and

Left Behind

How many of you with some kind of impairment or challenge have felt left behind because you were not accepted?  How many of you wanted to be given a chance to show your talents and abilities to the world around

The Birth of a Magazine

What does it feel like to give birth to something that no one else has ever conceived of? And what does it feel like to bring to the forefront idea’s that could change disabled men and women’s lives for ever?