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Doing Something That Will Create Social Change

How often do you think to yourself, “When are they ever going to get a ramp put in this area?” or, “When are they going to have an elevator installed in this building on campus?” or, “When will transportation happen

Impressing Others

Picture yourself with a severe disability–unable to talk, walk, feed or bath yourself–yet all of your daily needs are taken care of. Now, picture yourself with a lesser impairment due to #CerebralPalsy. You can walk, talk, and care for yourself.

Your Reality

As a person with or without Cerebral Palsy I’m sure you have worked hard to become the best person you can be today.  You’ve learned, build your aptitude, been loyal to your friends, family, and neighbors; and worked hard to

Selling Yourself, Selling Your Story

    It is very easy as a disabled person to have a vague set of ideas for what you want to accomplish.  For all of us, it is more practical to find a reason for why we do the

What’s Important to You, Might Not be Important to Others

  From the moment we wake up in the morning, till the moment we shut our eyes in slumber at night, we as people with Cerebral Palsy are filled with activity daily. Some of which is mandatory, while others come

Creating Not Polishing Your Life

In our world so often our major choices seem to be selecting preordained ideas.  For some, possibilities are stars shooting in the sky, while people with Cerebral Palsy are “swayed” to sit at home and watch T.V. This comfortable coaxing

Persuading in a World that Needs Convincing

Too often, we people with disabilities spend a lifetime persuading people who need convincing.  We assume the moral correctness of what we seek because we want more for our lives than what the “experts” are willing to give.  But more

Words Without Meaning

How many times have you sat in a doctor’s, counselors, or therapist office, nodding your head politely because you didn’t understand what they said? Or maybe, it was because you knew exactly what they said, and what they really meant? 

Favorable Chances vs. Missed Opportunities

When you think back on your life as a person with Cerebral Palsy and Special Needs, what comes to mind?  At first, do you personally think of all the discrimination that has come your way?  Do you think of all

Reaching For The Moon

While stretching out your arm to grasp the good things in life one desires and dreams of, have you as a person with Cerebral Palsy become aware of what actions you must take in your life to accomplish want you