What’s Important to You, Might Not be Important to Others


From the moment we wake up in the morning, till the moment we shut our eyes in slumber at night, we as people with Cerebral Palsy are filled with activity daily. Some of which is mandatory, while others come from our own desires.   How do we discern which is important, and which is not?  What may be urgent for you may not be for your parents, or caregiver, or somebody else.

We try to help those around us as well as keeping our own lives in order and in tack.  But the truth is, that it is constant and ever evolving.  It never stops!  Sometimes it’s merely that other people  in our lives speak louder, are more aggressive, and insist on their needs being more important than yours.

One comment on “What’s Important to You, Might Not be Important to Others
  1. sean Dineen says:

    So much of our lives are spent, in what is expected. its nice to figure out how to find what is important to us and follow it.

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