Doing Something That Will Create Social Change

How often do you think to yourself, “When are they ever going to get a ramp put in this area?” or, “When are they going to have an elevator installed in this building on campus?” or, “When will transportation happen in a timely manner?”

These are questions I’m sure many people in the disability community have asked both themselves and others, time and time again.  But until we decide to change things ourselves, there’s a good chance nothing will happen. We have to push for the changes and take the action if we want to see positive results. We can’t sit back and wait for others to do something about the issue, resting on our laurels…

There is a quote I’ve heard many times, that I particularly like – “No Risk, No Reward.” This is so true!

Until we find in ourselves that inner motivation and perseverance to put energy into a cause that is dear to our heart, a cause that requires  time, effort, moral and social consciousness, it will never happen, nor will there ever be benefits and laws in place for the disabled population.

Many, many years ago, there was a young woman. She had a learning disability, was labeled ‘mentally retarded,’ and told to go work in a type of Good Will Industries workshop. She decided right from the beginning not to settle, and not to let others define her life for her. If she never took on the system, stood up for herself, and fought for what she needed, she would most likely be sitting in front of the television set rotting her life away, to this day. Instead, she hung up her leg brace at 11 years old, pushed through and learned to read and write, won the first civil rights case for her own education, become a fitness instructor, and then used what she had learned from these experiences to become an advocate for others with special needs.

Your self-worth and confidence build when you take action. Many rewards, along with feelings of happiness and contentment, will come by building, engaging, establishing, forming, molding, creating, or strengthening some kind of mindful act, something in the world that needs changing, or something in your life that needs improvement. If you want something bad enough, or want to change something for the better, there is always a way. We just have to be mindful, build bridges, and have the right skills and tools within each of us to make it happen. And each and every one of us has places in us that shine, skills and attributes that can be shared with others and used to make this world a better place. Never be afraid to take that risk- the rewards can be huge!







3 comments on “Doing Something That Will Create Social Change
  1. sean dineen says:

    A heroic expression of the need for the community to transcend day to day and continue forward towards progress at all levels.

  2. Alan says:

    You may want to think about contacting Uber and Lyft. I understand that they are starting programs to have patients that can’t drive themselves to appointments be able to use Uber or Lyft. Uber and Lyft should be able to offer para-transit.

    Good luck Karen.

  3. Sean dineen says:

    The problem with para is it’s designed for rigid scheduling.

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