Wishful Thinking: Ableist Attitudes Toward Academic Employment by Prof. Yvonne Singer

I am excited to publish this insightful paper by my friend Professor Yvonne Singer. Here are the first few paragraphs. Click the link at the end to read the entire article.

Wishful Thinking: Ablest Attitudes toward Academic Employment 

by Yvonne Singer, MS 


The majority of people with disabilities are segregated into special education and sheltered workshops due to the myths, misconceptions, and realities of disability.  The author with Cerebral Palsy was not segregated from the public education system.  The author’s educational degrees qualified her to teach college level classes.  The author still faced numerous employment obstacles due to the myths, misconceptions, and realities of disability.  However, the author overcame the employment obstacles.  Some employers hired the author to teach online courses.  The author’s course load was significantly reduced due to change in college policy, and the myths, misconceptions, and realities of disability.   


As soon as I was born, I was not expected to earn a masters degree and to teach college level on-line classes.  I was expected to be segregated into special education and a sheltered workshop.  Why?  I did not achieve the typical developmental milestones in a timely manner because I had severe Cerebral Palsy.  My gross and fine motor skills and speech were affected.  However, my cognitive skills were not compromised at all.   


Gifted children with physically disabling conditions are one of the most overlooked special populations. 

A major portion of their school day is spent on learning how to develop life skills that can help them circumvent the effects of their disability.  Unfortunately, this approach to learning may preclude the recognition and development of cognitive abilities.  Therefore, there may be a significant discrepancy between a disabled child’s academic potential and their actual performance…   

Click this link to read the full article as a PDF: YVONNE_SINGER_Wishful-Thinking-Ableist-Attitudes-Toward-Academic-Employment


Picture of Yvonne Singer working at her computer

Yvonne Singer working at her computer

Yvonne Singer teaches the online course, Psychology of Persons with Disabilities, at Middlesex County College (Edison, NJ). 

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