Introducing My Forthcoming Novel: The Healing Horse

When I was in college, I published my first novel The Broken Hoof and won a literary award for it. Now, I am completely rewriting it and will soon (I hope) publish it as The Healing Horse. Like the first novel, it is a story of triumph over adversity, of a little girl with a big heart, cerebral palsy, dyslexia–and an iron will to succeed.

I want to ask my readers a favor. Beginning today, I intend to publish the current draft, one scene at a time, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please let me know your thoughts and feelings as you read. I hope you like it just as it is, but if you see room for improvement, please let me know. I value your insights.

Thanks, and here is Chapter 1, Scene 1.

Scene 1: Disaster Strikes

Once upon a time, a small, humbly resplendent child came into the world. Her name was Karen, and the people closest to her nicknamed her Kitten because of her lovely nature.

Sweet Kitten was born with a head of wavy, dark brown hair. Her features resembled her daddy’s, but her hair coloring and complexion were more like her mother’s. Karen was a quiet child, healthy and beautiful with a smile that warmed everyone’s heart. Her parents were delighted to have a little girl like her. One reason was because she rarely fussed, and another was that her disposition was so easy-going. She was truly cherished.

Karen’s mother stood five feet tall, had jet black hair, brown eyes, and a long, pointed nose. She also had thin arms and legs, with a rounded tummy, and could hold Karen just right in her arms. Every day, Mama took time to care for her treasured baby girl. Her baby was the most important entity in her life. Looking down at Karen, Mama thought, “How sweet and loving my child is. I am lucky to be the mother of Karen. She makes my life so worthwhile.”

Her father stood five feet, eleven inches tall and was built slender. He had baby blue eyes, blond hair, and a pug nose. He was a quiet, disciplined person who worked hard at his business. Every morning, he got up with the moon’s glow to earn a living, and then came home late every night. He owned a bustling hamburger stand, making hamburgers for students from the nearby university. Her daddy was an earnest, steadfast man.

Karen and her family were happy, and they greeted each day with gladness in their hearts.

Life was simple, sweet, and good to them until that determinative moment when heartbreak hit their lives. On that day, Karen became ill from a DPT shot. She was only five months old when her Mama noticed Karen was burning up with a ferocious fever. She was rushed to the hospital, where the emergency center began tests. For over a month, she remained in the hospital, and in a deep coma. Mama was overcome with grief. From the moment that Karen entered the hospital, Mama never left her side.

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