Ch 1: Disaster Strikes. Scene 2: At the Hospital

Today’s scene is very short, but it still means a lot to me. Mama never left my bedside, while I was in the hospital–and I never gave up, when I regained consciousness and went home. Even as a toddler, I was determined to push the boundaries.

Scene 2: At the Hospital

“Oh, Kitten, I know you can hear me even though you are in a deep sleep.” The tears began to roll down her plump checks. “You gotta get well for Mama, and wake up, sweetheart. Know that I will be by your side, and that you are safe in my hands.”

Day in and day out, Kitten fought for her young life. But the telling results were in. Karen’s body would never return to “normal.” She was paralyzed. Fortunately, she later regained the use of her right side; however, she remained permanently paralyzed on her left. She had many challenges ahead of her. Although she was just a toddler, she somehow understood that nothing would stand in her way. Someday, she was going to push the boundaries of what is “normal.”

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