Walking the Walk

For far too long, there have been many social injustices in our world. As a woman with cerebral palsy and dyslexia, I have encountered many inequities and wrong-doings in my life. Yet, I always found a way to keep pushing forward. I always found positive ways to keep on. I found ways to turn my cheek and rise above. Now, with the coronavirus, global warming, disability abuse, the George Floyd shooting, civil unrest and protesting for civil rights fill the air. Where are our civil rights? Who speaks up for us people with disabilities? Who gives a hoot? 
Whether you are able-bodied or not, how do you face what you face? How do you deal with all of this? Do you take a moment to look at what’s happening around you, and then take another moment out of your busy life to help the other guy? Where is the “justice for all” in all of this? We all have feelings and emotions, different opinions and viewpoints—how do we come together and live in peace and harmony with equal rights, and dignity, and respect under the same canopy? 
The question is—Can we now walk with all people in partnership and policy? 

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