The Healing Horse, Ch. 9: To the Ranch

In Chapter 9, Kitten and her Mama return home to wait until Tex comes to take Pegasus to the ranch. On the way, Karen sees a familiar face and wonders if there is a connection, but that won’t be for several more scenes.

Scene 01: Driving

Mama glanced at the dashboard clock, and said, “It’s one o’clock, and I haven’t done our grocery shopping for the week. We need to pick up some food for lunch on the way home.”

She drove slowly down the gravel lane and under the tall ranch sign. On the blacktop road, she speeded up a little, and they glided past the watering hole in serene silence. She knew she was on time. Karen tried to hold onto the peaceful feeling of knowing that Pegasus now had a beautiful home, but she knew what was on Mama’s mind.

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