The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 05: The Horse-Moving Truck Arrives

After Karen and Pegasus set their resolve to deal with their fears and get on with life, Tex and Rocky arrive to move him to his new home on the ranch.

Scene 05: The Horse-Moving Truck Arrives

The roar of a diesel engine interrupted their reverie. Karen snapped out of her sorrowful contemplation and ran to the sidewalk, waving her strong right arm. This had to be Tex with the horse truck.

“Here we are!” she called over the roaring exhaust of the red four-wheel drive pickup. It pulled a matching red horse trailer, and both had the words Sierra Nevada Stables written on them in gold.
Tex waved back at her, as he pulled to the curb and turned off the engine. He and Rocky climbed down from the cab. Tex gave her his broad, gentle smile.

“Have you come to pick up my horse?” she asked. “He’s in the backyard, Tex. I’ll go get him for you and call my Mama.”

As Karen ran toward the back yard, she saw Mama open the house’s screen door.

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