The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 06: Tex and Pegasus Head for the Ranch

As Karen and Mama prepare for Pegasus’ trip to his new home at the ranch, they discover that not only has he come fully alive, but Karen now owns a pair of magical cowboy boots.

Scene 06: Tex and Pegasus Head for the Ranch

Kitten and Pegasus walked proudly around the side of the house to the front curb. Tex and Rocky had already opened the gate at the back of the trailer.

Karen stroked Pegasus’ main and whispered, “You’ll be fine, Pegasus. Don’t be frightened. Mama and I will be right behind you. I promise!”

Tex looked Pegasus over, and then touched his mane.

“Don’t fret, Pegasus. I’ll take good care of you, and you’ll be happy as a gopher in soft dirt at the ranch.”

Walking slowly around the horse, he said to Kitten, “I’ll just untie your boots ‘fore we go. Wouldn’t want ‘em banged up in the trailer.”

Karen remembered the boots that had been carved into Pegasus’ saddle. Could they have become real, too? Her question was answered as Tex handled her a pair of beautiful, lavender cowboy boots with blue stars and magenta trim. They matched Pegasus’ saddle, exactly.

She thanked him. Pegasus and Mama remained silent.

Taking the reins and clucking with his tongue, Tex led Pegasus into the trailer and latched the gate before returning to his truck. Karen and Mama said they would follow along, shortly.

He replied, “I’m gonna be drivin’ slow, so y’all should get to the ranch right behind me. We’ll unload Pegasus and put ‘im into a pasture all by himself, so he can relax and graze. We may be gettin’ a storm blowin’ through, tonight, so we’ll move him into his stall before dark. There’s just one other thing. How’s he do with other horses?”

Karen did not know what to say. She looked at Mama who replied, “He loves other horses. He was great friends with all the horses in the herd he was with. They were really in sync with each other.”

Tex smiled. “That’s good, but for now we’ll give ’im a chance to get settled afore we introduce him to the others. I’ll see you at the ranch!”

As Karen watched Tex drive away, she smiled and turned to Mama.

“Look at these tall Texas boots, Mama. They’re real, now, too. Just like Pegasus. They’re not wood, anymore. Should I try them on?”

Mama said, “First a carousel horse comes alive, now you’re getting magic boots. Why not? Then we should go.”

Karen took off her high-topped sneakers and pulled on the boots. They fit perfectly.

“Okay,” she said. “I’m ready for anything. Let’s go!”

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