The Healing Horse, Ch. 8, Scene 15: Kitten Tells Mama About the Transformation

The story continues to build momentum, as Karen tells Mama that Pegasus is now fully alive, and they hurry to find a stable for him, since he cannot live in their garage.

Scene 15: Kitten Tells Mama About the Transformation

Kitten hurried into the kitchen and called, “Mama, Mama, where are you? I need to talk with you! Mama, please come quick!”

“What is it, Kitten?” Mama said, as she rushed in from the living room.

“Something happened to Pegasus, last night. Somehow during his sleep, a—what is that new word?—oh, yes, a metamorphosis. A great metamorphosis took place. Not only is Pegasus no longer wooden, he has been transformed even more! He is fully alive, and he is a pure Arabian.

“Oh, my!” Mama said in happy surprise. “There are no small miracles, are there? Now, we really do have a lot to do, and quickly.”

“Yes, I know.” Karen hurried back out the door. “He’s real, so now he needs water. I have to go fill up a bucket for him. I’ll be right back.”

Hurrying to the faucet by the gate, she filled a bucket. As the water flowed, she thought, It’s a decade of change and new frontiers. New things can happen! Pegasus is going to lead me to find my own frontier, and now I need to ask not what my horse can do for me, but what I can do for my horse.

Mama caught up with Karen in the garage and saw Pegasus alive for herself. After a little difficulty, he drank from the bucket.

They returned to the kitchen, and Mama said, “Now, we must find a place to keep him. He cannot live in our garage.”

Karen nodded, but with anxiety. She wasn’t sure there was a stable that could adequately house her precious horse of pure Arabian descent. She also knew a stable would be very expensive. How could they manage that?

“Can we afford that, Mama? And can we find a stable that is good enough for a pure Arabian?”

Mama frowned and said, “We have to afford it, and I’m sure we can find a suitable stable for him. Don’t you worry. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Mama sent Karen to her room to put on fresh clothes and spruce up for the day.

“You need to look your best, or the stables may not want to take Pegasus. I will get onto the phone while you put on a clean outfit and wash your face. We can’t go out with you dressed in clothes that you slept in.”

In her room, Kitten changed from her favorite pink overalls into her deep purple ones and a lilac top. Today was a day for royal, spiritual colors, Pegasus hues. She washed her face and brushed her hair, so she looked her best.

When Karen returned, she found Mama sitting at her desk with the Yellow Pages open in front of her. She held the phone between her ear and shoulder, as she made notes on the conversation she was having. After thanking the other person on the line, she immediately dialed the next number. Karen saw that she was checking off the stables in the phone book, one after another, as she called them. She had already called three. Not wanting to interrupt this important task, Karen went to the kitchen. She set the table and filled bowls with cereal and milk, so they could eat quickly and be on their way.

In a few minutes, Mama came into the kitchen with her notes in hand. She thanked Karen for fixing breakfast, and then explained what their day would entail.

“Some of these stables sound like very nice places. I made appointments for us to visit them, later this morning, but we need to plan the questions we will ask. I will ask about costs, but you will need to ask questions, too, since Pegasus is your horse, and you are responsible for him. For instance, you may want to take riding lessons. Riding a real horse will be different from riding a carousel horse. Does the stable have someone who can teach you to ride a real horse? And you may want to know when you can visit Pegasus, and who will take care of him when you’re not there.”

Karen’s mind began spinning with questions. She had not thought of any of that. She discussed the questions with Mama. In a few minutes, they had finished their cereal, washed the bowls and cleaned the kitchen. Even though they were in a hurry, Mama would not leave a mess behind.

As Kitten followed Mama to the front door, she suddenly said, “I’ll be right back, Mama. I want to tell Pegasus where we’re going. I’ll see you at the car.”

In the garage, she said, “Pegasus! Mama and I are going to look for a place for you to live. I wanted to tell you before I left. I better go for now. We’ll be back as soon as we can.”

“See you later, Kitten!” Pegasus called out as his girl ran to her Mama’s car.

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