The Healing Horse, Ch. 8, Scene 14: Pegasus Awakes Alive

Pegasus awakes to the biggest surprise of his life. He’s alive with real horse hair, real hooves, and real tears of joy to be fully alive for the child he was created to mentor.

Scene 14: Pegasus Awakes Alive

Pegasus’ eyes opened and looked down at Karen. She watched as he slowly moved his head from side to side, just as she had seen real horses do. His mouth opened, and out came a whinny.

“Oh! My goodness!” Karen said. “You sound so real, Pegasus! You’re lifelike! No, I take that back. You’re truly alive! You’re not just my talking carousel horse!”

“What did you say?” Pegasus asked. “I feel different. Do I look different?”

“Yes! Your mane is made of real hair, now. It isn’t carved wood, and your body is white with a lavender tint. It isn’t bright circus lavender, anymore, and your saddle is leather not wood. You even have steel shoes on your hooves. You have entirely transformed. No one would ever guess you had once been a carousel horse.”

As she stretched out her right hand, Pegasus lowered his head to hers. She gently stroked his mane, and a joyful tear flowed from his left eye.

“I wanted to become alive for you, Kitten. You were the only person who wanted me to live as much as I did. You were the one who thought it, and believed it—and it came true. I needed someone to believe in my dream just as much as I did!”

“Yes! This shows the power of imagination. Even though you and I will always know that on the inside you are a supernatural magenta horse, to the rest of the world you are now a handsome white stallion with a magenta and blue saddle. You’re going to be fine, boy. I know you just woke up to the biggest surprise of your life, but everything is going to be all right! We’ll handle it together! I will not let anything happen to you. I promise! I’ll be with you every step of the way. You won’t be alone. We must stretch the ability of our hearts and minds to believe more than what we can see at the moment.”

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