The Healing Horse, Ch 7, Scene 11: Kitten’s Grief Saps Her Strength

This scene continues the dark journey of little Karen as she suffers from the absence of Pegasus and his magic from her life.

Scene 11: Kitten’s Grief Saps Her Strength

Every day, Karen made her best effort to visit Pegasus, and every day she found it harder to walk, harder to bend her aching knees, and harder to carry on with her life, much less trudge the long blocks to the pier.

In an agonizing downward spiral, she pictured the fearsome tunnel. In her mind, she stood at one end and cried out to him. She tried to walk to him, but in her imagination the paralysis had spread throughout her body.

Even though she knew that her beloved Pegasus was not really inside the ghostly tunnel she had imagined, she knew he was most assuredly in the wreckage of the carousel with the other abandoned horses.

But what could she do? The stress and strain weighed heavily on her body and spirit. Every day, the trauma stripped away more of her strength. She was sick with sorrow. The absence of Pegasus’ vitalizing animation eroded her energy. Her muscles weakened and deteriorated.

Spiraling downward, the real environment of the demolished carousel arose in her memory. The ruined weariness of it all! Grief filled her heart. The thought of Pegasus trapped in such circumstances made her more than sad. It possessed her with deep, demonic pain.

She felt herself dissolve in grief and mourning. She questioned her recently acquired pride and sense of empowerment as a young girl with disabilities. Where would she find the strength and wisdom to save Pegasus and herself?

She endured, but enduring took all of her energy and all of her will. Her once-cheerful, positive personality became a distant memory. Karen’s dear friend had been snatched from her and was suffering in a dark limbo.

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