The Healing Horse, Ch 7, Scene 10: Karen Walks Home, Her Mind Spinning

The story grows darker, as scene by scene, Karen trudges through despair toward new happiness. If she ever gave up, then that would end the story. But she did not give up.

Scene 10: Karen Walks Home, Her Mind Spinning

Karen turned and departed the pier, thinking of ways to release her stallion and all the other horses. With heavy steps, she dragged herself through the now-wearisome streets, trudging through her once-happy neighborhood, absorbed in apprehension and sorrow. Dizzy and feverish, she tried to come up with a solution. She wracked her brain, but came up clueless. She tried to be calm and composed, but her heart was racing and breaking. She tried to approach this situation in a level-headed manner, but she was unable to gain any sense of equilibrium. In a vicious cycle, Kitten tried reasoning and rationalizing, hoping against hope to gain some kind of tranquility, yet she became even more nervous and panicky. This dreadful cycle continued.

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