The Healing Horse, Ch. 27, Scene 6: Library Research

photo of original santa monica public library

Karen has always been full of enthusiasm, but now that she is getting tutored and learning to learn, she is eager to take on a difficult school assignment.

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(Image is of original Santa Monica Public Library Image Archives, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 6: Library Research

That afternoon, as the school bus approached her home, Karen thought about Connecticut. She visualized what her project would look like when it was done. In her mind, she could see the map she would draw, and she read and re-read the list of facts Mr. Jones wanted her to find out.

After running into the house, she said, “Mama, I need to go to the library right now. The social studies teacher gave us a big report assignment that will be due after spring break, and I want to start on it immediately. That’s what my tutors said to do. They said to start everything as soon as possible, so I have plenty of time to finish it.”

Mama and Karen hopped into the Bel Air and raced to the library, where Kitten got help from the librarian and checked out a tall stack of books.

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