The Healing Horse, Ch. 27, Scene 5: The Spring Break Assignment

image of flag map of united statesWhen Karen’s geography teacher gives a homework assignment to be done over spring break, she does not groan. She thanks him. Her tutoring has given her confidence that she can succeed at academics.

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Scene 5: The Spring Break Assignment

Soon after Kitten began studying with Miss Natalie and Miss Wayburn, she was in her geography class.

“Students,” the teacher, Mr. Jones, said, “Spring break will be next week, and I am going to give you a homework assignment that will be due when you get back. You can start work on it today and then finish it over break. Now, I’m going to show you what I want you to do. First, pass these instruction sheets around. Everybody take one.”

Groans from the students filled the air. Some of them put their heads down on their desks, but sat up again to take one of the instruction sheets.

Mr. Jones thumb tacked pictures and a map to the bulletin board.

“This is an example of what I want. I’m using the state of Alaska, but it could be any state. I want a map of the state that you drew. Tracing is okay. Then I want . . .”

Karen scanned her instruction sheet. It had Connecticut written at the top. That must be her state. She listened carefully to what her teacher said.

He finished and asked, “Does anyone have any questions?”

The room was silent. Then Karen could not resist expressing her feelings.

“This is just what I need. Now I can plan ahead and use some of the skills I’ve been learning from my tutors. I’ll go to the library as soon as my Mama can take me. Thank you, Mr. Jones.”

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