The Healing Horse, Ch. 27, Scene 4: An Apple for Pegasus

graphic of red appleKaren discusses Miss Natalie with Pegasus. He is very clear that she would not have found Miss Natalie without taking action. And she is clear that without him she would not have acted.

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Scene 4: An Apple for Pegasus

On the way home, Karen asked Mama to drop her off at the stables. She would walk the rest of the way later, but for now, she needed to speak with Pegasus.

He was grazing in the pasture. She hugged him around the neck, and he nuzzled her shoulder.

“Thank you,” he said, as he chewed the apple she had brought in her book bag. “How is the math tutor?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. She’s wonderful. She’s more like a friend than like most teachers. She had me sit beside her instead of across the table. She said she had trouble with math, and she’s going to teach me the way she learned.”

“That is marvellous, Kitten. I sense your uneasiness about academics has disappeared. Something in you has been healed. Miss Natalie is not just another expert rendering an opinion without actually helping. She must really care.”

“Yes, I feel nourished and healed, academically nourished. And she said the tools she’s going to teach me can help with everything in life. All I have to do is try my hardest, like I always do.”

“Maybe Miss Natalie really can help you. But remember, if you not taken action by standing up to the experts at school and asking your Mama to find you help outside school, you would never have met Miss Natalie.”

“You’re right, Pegasus. If I had not taken action, nothing would have changed. But you deserve credit, too. If you had not encouraged me to act, I would never have done it on my own.”

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