The Healing Horse, Ch. 27, Scene 7: Pacing and Renewal

image of Spartan running girlKaren gets carried away with her enthusiasm, but Mama and Pegasus keep her grounded.

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Scene 7: Pacing and Renewal

The next morning, Karen slept in. After she washed her face and brushed her hair, she went back to her bedroom instead of to the kitchen. She scooped up the stack of library books and her school bag so she could start on the report first thing.

In the kitchen, some of her books fell on the floor. She sighed. Always trying to do too much. Carrying too much. She plopped the others down on the big table with her school bag, then picked up the ones from around her feet and pulled out a chair. The toasting bagels smelled wonderful. She swallowed and tried to ignore the aroma.

“Mama, I want to get started on this report, like Miss Natalie said I should. ‘Start immediately, so you have time to get it done.’ And I need the big table. This won’t fit on the desk in my room.”

“Oy veh! My Krana Layala. Are you in such a hurry you can’t take time to give your mother a hug or eat breakfast? Did Miss Natalie tell you that? And you can do your report on the big credenza in the living room. The kitchen table might have food on it. Those are library books, so we have to be careful not to get them dirty.”

Mama gave Karen a big smile. Her face lit up as Karen put her arms around her and rested her head on her shoulder. “That’s more like it, my Krana Layala.” She hugged her back and sighed.

“I’m sorry. Miss Natalie never said to be rude or skip meals. I’m just eager to use my new study skills.”

Before Mama could reply, they heard a whinny through the window.

“Pegasus!” Karen said. She ran to the window as he stuck his head through it and hugged him, arms around his neck.

“How’s my girl? It’s a beautiful Saturday. No school today. Hop on my back, and we can spend an enchanted day together.”

Karen looked to her mother, but Mama remained silent.

“I can’t, Pegasus. I have a big report to write, and it’s going to take all week. I have to read all these books.” She pointed at the stack on the table. “I can’t even take time to eat breakfast.”

She watched as Pegasus and Mama exchanged looks. She knew she was making a mistake. At least one. Maybe more.

Mama said, “My Krana Layala, I know you’re excited, but does that change your body’s needs? If your brain won’t work right, will that help you do your report?”

“No, Mama. It’ll throw my perception off, and I don’t need that.”

“Then at least have a bagel with a schmear.”

“Yes, Mama. You’re right.” She pushed the books to the back of the table and set her school bag by them.

“There is something else to consider.” It was Pegasus. She looked up at him. He spoke slowly, emphasizing his words. “Your spiritual state, Kitten. You started with Miss Natalie just last week. She has already taught you a lot. That’s good. But you need to let her wisdom settle in so it becomes part of you, deep inside. Besides, you have been in school all week. You need time to regain your center, time to nourish your soul. Trying to learn new material and write a report when you are not centered … You understand.”

She knew it would lead to a disaster or at least to frustration and wasted effort. What had she been thinking? She knew she had to eat, and she needed time to replenish her spiritual well.

“You’re right, too, Pegasus. I can take the weekend off and start the homework project on Monday. It’ll be less difficult if I’m rested and centered. I let myself get carried away with enthusiasm. And with fear I’ll run out of time.”

“Have no fear, Kitten. You will not run out of time. You will write an excellent report. You have the mind for that, but you have to give it what it needs to function. Pace yourself like a long distance runner.” He sighed. “But enough about the report. You have learned another big lesson, one about pacing yourself. Now let’s have some breakfast. Horses like bagels, too, you know. Wink, wink.”

They all laughed, and Karen helped Mama fix their breakfast and clean up before spending a wonderful day renewing her soul with Pegasus.

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