The Healing Horse, Ch. 27, Scene 8: Karen Writes the Report

map of USA with Connecticut highlighted

On her first day of spring break, Karen uses her new study skills. She stays calm. She gives herself plenty of time, and then she discovers she can write a report, without help, and a good one at that.

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Scene 8: Karen Writes the Report

On Monday morning, Karen got up early, just like on a school day. But instead of catching the bus to school, she sat down at the big credenza in the living room and studied the books she had brought home from the library. 

She reread the written instructions the teacher had given her. It listed everything that was supposed to go into the report, like how Connecticut got its name and what its state flower was. Working from it, she wrote an outline of her report, so she would be sure to include everything he wanted. This was the planning part. Then she found the pieces of information by using the indices in the library books. She wrote down the names of the books and the page numbers where she found things on her outline. That was the research part. From there, writing the actual report was easy. She looked up each piece of information and wrote a few sentences about it. After she finished writing, she traced a map of the state and the state flag. After coloring in the flag, she glued them to her display board. She was done by noon. 

She sat back in her chair and smiled. Mama and Pegasus were right. The report was easier after taking the weekend to recenter myself. And with my new study skills, I did the whole thing in one morning. Now I feel like I can organize anything. I’m going to eat lunch and spend the afternoon with Pegasus. 

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