The Healing Horse, Ch. 26, Scene 5: Sway Like a Palm Tree

image of palm trees seen from belowEven though Claudia has wounded Karen, our hero is resilient.

Scene 5: Sway Like a Palm Tree

Outside, the sky was blue. The weather was warm but not hot. Tall, beautiful palm trees swayed in a gentle breeze. It was a perfect day. She stopped running and walked slowly to the sidewalk. She would wait for Mama there, under the palms. Then the tears came.

They flowed down her face. She dabbed at them with the white cotton handkerchief she always carried. She wondered if she had done the right thing. Maybe she should have refused to give up her pretty doll dress, but she had felt so overpowered, and so unable to stand up for herself. Claudia was more frightening than the experts. Then, she realized that while she had lost a pretty doll dress, Claudia had lost a friend. The dress could be replaced. The friendship could not. Nevertheless, she was angry with herself for not being stronger.

Mama’s car turned the corner. Karen made the tears stop. She would talk this over with her mother. She looked up at the palm trees swaying high above. She would be like them and sway but never break.

Original text ©2022 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved.

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