The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 14: I’m Truthfully Not Looking Forward to Tomorrow

image of mountain trailIn this last scene of Chapter 18, Karen continues to struggle with her fears. She finds some solace in a long ride on a peaceful trail of the ranch upon the back of her mentor, Pegasus. Nevertheless, at the end of the day she is still full of apprehension. (Image of Coconino National Forest, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.)

Scene 14: I’m Truthfully Not Looking Forward to Tomorrow

After finishing breakfast and helping Mama clean the kitchen, Karen put on her warmest jacket and went out into the golden sun to be with Pegasus. They decided to take a long ride so Karen could mentally prepare herself for school the next day, and off they bounded.

They returned to the ranch and to the magical trail they had discovered on their first day, there. It had become a place that they secretly called their own, their sanctuary and their favorite place to go. As Pegasus slowly carried Karen, they talked. Tomorrow was the day she had to return to school, and in spite of her vows to herself, she was afraid.

“We cannot see the future, Kitten, but we must be prepared for what will happen when you return to school, tomorrow.”

“Yes, of course, and I am prepared for the routine part. We kids will arrive at school and get off the bus. Our teachers will greet us and take us back to our classrooms. But after that, I’m not sure. That’s not the part that makes me nervous. It’s afterwards that concerns me. It’s the learning part, Pegasus, the struggling to learn. It’s the other children. It’s the bullying and making fun of others that frightens me, and what about the experts and the doctors? What will they want to do to me?”

“You’ll be fine, Kitten. We have talked about this, before. Nobody can hurt you. You know that. Not unless you let them. Not emotionally, that is. Not unless you give them the power to get the upper hand, or give them permission to dominate you. And the doctors can’t do anything to you without your Mama’s permission, so you are safe from them, too. You can do this, Kitten. You really can! Be confident in yourself, and stand tall and proud. Don’t let anything others say affect you, especially if it’s not the truth. You know this in your heart!”

Pegasus neighed his encouragement, and they spent the day together. When the sun lowered toward the horizon, Karen nudged Pegasus toward the trail home. After she dismounted, they parted.

“Pegasus, I’m still truthfully not looking forward to tomorrow, but I know I must face it. I know I will get stronger if I do this. At least I feel a little hope, now. Will I see you in the morning?”

“Yes, Kitten. Of course, I’ll meet you by your kitchen window, bright and early.”

“Of course. Good-bye, then, until tomorrow,” Karen said, as her horse trotted away surrounded by his purple aura.

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