The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 13: Mama Thanks Pegasus

schematic diagram of bow knowWhen Karen expresses her determination to make the best of her life, to be fearless and courageous, Mama feels inspired to express her own gratitude to Pegasus, without whom she and Karen would have been lost in life. (Diagram of shoe laces bow knot by AnonMoos, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.)

Scene 13: Mama Thanks Pegasus

In the kitchen, Mama looped the laces on Karen’s shoes so she could finish tying them. Then she opened the mini-blinds, and Karen saw Pegasus grazing in the yard. She giggled and beckoned with her right hand.

“Come closer,” she called to him. Turning to Mama, she asked “May I open the window and talk with Pegasus while I eat?”

Mama gave permission and then stood close by as Karen opened the window just enough to speak. The cold air rushed in, and Pegasus’ breath made streamers outside. Kitten shivered, as she shared her determination to deal with life.

“Do you know what I’ve decided, today, Pegasus?”

“No, what, Kitten? Tell me, please. I have no idea,” he said with a knowing wink.

“I have decided to find ways to rise above my daily challenges. I’m going to be brave and always give an honest effort. I’m going to find ways to be fearless and courageous.”

“That’s my girl! Copacetic! Go get ‘em, tiger!”

Mama smiled, and for the first time she spoke to the life-changing stallion.

“Pegasus, I can’t begin to tell you how much your help means to me. It’s been hard being a widow with a child with disabilities, especially when you tend to go to extremes yourself. I never knew if I should keep Karen home and be completely overprotective with her, or if I should take her from one expert to another and risk following some of their advice. I never felt like I could find a healthy balance between protecting her and encouraging her to embrace the challenges of life. But now, you have helped both of us find that balance. You have given us the spiritual insight to change ourselves and to embrace life. You have given us better advice than any expert ever has. Every day, as you guide my Kitten, you show me new ways to encourage my daughter without being over-demanding or stifling her ability to think for herself. For the first time since I authorized that terrible shot, I feel like we are on the right path.”

Pegasus nodded in appreciation, and Karen kissed Mama.

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