The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 12: Awakening and Dressing

image of dramatic sunriseIn this scene, Karen sets her intention to stay positive and happy. Then she puts on a favorite outfit. Notice all the steps she has to go through, and how when she knows she needs help she is not ashamed to ask. (Image created by Victoria Lee Croasdell, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 12: Awakening and Dressing

On Sunday, morning’s canopy ascended over the horizon, displaying a beautiful array of colors. The saffron sun rose, shining brightly through Kitten’s bedroom window, vivid and warm and full of good feelings. Minutes later, her pink clock radio went off, and Kitten greeted another new day.

Today is a new and beautiful day! Today, I am going to find ways to remain positive and happy.

She got out of bed and washed her face. The air was chilly, so she warmed her toes over the small floor heat register as she dressed. Slipping into each article of clothing, she tried to get herself toasty for a brisk morning outside. 

From a dresser drawer, she took her favorite pullover sweater. Her aunt had knitted it of beige yarn, and it had three kites knitted on her left shoulder. One was small and avocado green, one was medium and red, and one was large and brown. Putting it on took several steps. First, she put her left arm into the left sleeve and pulled the sleeve up with her strong right hand. Then, using her right hand, she pulled the sweater over her head, and slipped her right arm through its sleeve.

She could do this much independently, but she had to ask Mama for help looping the laces on her shoes.

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