The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 10: The Prophecy

In this scene, Madame Leota gives little Karen a prophecy about her future as a dancer and a teacher. Pegasus confirms the truth of this. But it comes with a warning about authorities who will someday try to place false limits on Karen’s potential. 

Here is an image of Madame Leota in the green of thriving plants, and with a smile on her lips as she gives her blessing to Karen. Thanks to the Disney Fandom Wiki for preserving it. image of Madame Leota in green

Scene 10: The Prophecy

As Karen and Pegasus stared speechlessly, the ghostly globe changed color from blue to green, and Madame Leota smiled at them. Karen immediately thought of green as the color of thriving plants, and she knew this must mean something.

After a dramatic pause, Madame Leota spoke:

In a future time not long away
You will dance and lead the way
Follow the pied piper, the dancing man
He will show you that you can.

Let no discouragement block your way
No matter what authorities say
You can dance and lead the way
You will show others that so can they.

Beware the white coats and teachers false
Stick close to your horse and teacher true
Eyes on your strengths, not on your faults
Become the one who is truly you.

The light and the face dimmed until the Séance Room was lighted only by the light hanging above the table.

“Pegasus,” Karen whispered. “What do you suppose she meant about dancing? Will I ever be able to really dance?”

“Yes, Kitten. You will dance and teach others to dance. You will become your true self and help others. I can feel it. It’s not just the Disney magic. You have your own magic, too.”

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