Why We don’t Want to be Good Little Robots Anymore!

Dear Friends, there is a very important topic I would like to bring up for discussion today.  It is a hidden well, a well of attitude shown towards so many of our self-styled helpers.  It is usually done with the best of motives, but leads to disaster.

This happens by the attitude of our so called professionals  who, with cleverness, have correctly shifted the attention away from internal childhood which has gone to another extreme.  Such help as we may need it seems as bad, indulgent, and unnecessary.  We must be like everyone else, in “their eyes,” yet we cannot be ourselves in a healthy manor or way, we can only be healthy-minded if we mindlessly conform to their way, wants and controlling desires.

The organs of this philosophy, came from an error.  Practitioners saw the futility of the old… “poor helpless baby” approach, and, they wanted something better.  Although, the error really came when they took it upon themselves to transform our lives without consulting us.  Since, intellectually, we could and were able to compete, the practitioners had to change it quietly.  They assumed that all of our needs for emotional support, recognition, and some form of assistance were also, counterproductive. So, led by that female wizard, Bertha Tiberaus Bobath, they began to impose a regime of harshness and a cold business like manner; not seen since Watsonian behaviorism fifty years earlier.

Thus, we began to resist out of our own desperate desires and need for a true independence in terms of taking responsibility for our selves and our own lives.  We wanted to make our own decisions, which we knew we could.  We knew internally that our thinking was vital, just and right.  We knew we could succeed.  All we needed was a compassionate expert to be on our side. To walk, talk, and guide us; as they helped to open the doors to the bigger world. That to us was all important. That to us, is all we needed!

Our Independence as an end in itself is counterproductive.  But to have a true balance was not recognized at all.  The value of a balanced, moderate approach was not in existence.  Each one of us, knows what we need.  We know better than any parent, expert, or teacher around.  We need to be heard, listened to, and taken seriously.  I personally am so sick and tired of seeing this noble concept of independence used as an excuse not to give us the needed help, we really need. My question is… when will they genuinely and harmoniously give us what is truly needed. All these untruths, rubbish, and excrement leads to frustration, anger, and sadness.

This frustration is based on having to apologize for ourselves time and time again, and to right the wrongs they have manifested to fruition,  The need to get the assistance that “WE” truly needed to move forward in our lives is ignored piously.  This energy, becomes very exhausting, and would be far better spent trying to improve our lives, instead of wasting it in justifying the facts of… what we said and how we said it… or, to pass the butter please, rather then, the opposed to being able to get it ourselves.

The far better approach, would be to say to us… “How can I help you, rather than how can I force you to unnecessarily do something you neither want to do, or is beneficial to you?  It is not in their vision.  They cannot see what we truly are about or what our passions are.   These measures are effortless because they do not really want to help us be constructive or productive, human beings.  They rather cause undue embracement by excess rather then be truthful and honest.

How can we change this?  Are we willing to speak our mind?  Are we willing to fight for our lives?  Are we willing to educate and change the system we live in one issue at a time; by telling those experts how we truly feel.  Are we willing to go to any lengths to not let them get away with this anymore?  Are we willing to let our voices be heard.  I ask you.  Can we come together as disabled individuals backing and supporting each other unconditionally in our cause to an equal right to our civil rights- or are we meekly going to let life pass us by, by sitting in a corner, being afraid to speak our minds, and twiddling our thumbs!  I ask you?

One comment on “Why We don’t Want to be Good Little Robots Anymore!
  1. Sean Dineen says:

    Because you have guts!
    The guts to live as a child of God. You and your momma accomplished a lot together. You were neither a puppet or a pill peddlers.

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