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It is now three weeks since I have returned home, and 11 days into the month of June.  Where I live, the June gloom has covered the skies until about 1:00 p.m. pretty much every afternoon. I have gotten back into my daily routine, and I have been happily writing. Yesterday afternoon, I started an article that will be published in next months Audacity Magazine and before this article, I had two others published. The two older articles, now, have already been posted. One on Audacity Magazine, online- the other, on I welcome you to read them and comment on here if you like.

From where I came from, I never really thought that this desire of mine would have come true to fruition.  As I can remember how difficult writing was for me.  I could not write a complete sentence with my dyslexia and learning disability, nor could I punctuate in the correct way grammatically. It was a daily struggle which brought tears to my eyes many a times.

Now, when I write, I am truly, amazed that these words are pouring out from my mind and heart.  I give thanks for my ability to write and reach others in the way that I am doing.

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