The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 09: The Western Riding Outfit

Long story short—Karen wanted to stay with Pegasus, but Mama wanted her to go home and rest. Then, in a surprise move, Mama realized her girl would need a new wardrobe for the ranch. She couldn’t very well ride her Arabian while dressed in school playground clothes.

Want to see what the outfit looked like? Check this out! Change the colors of the shirt to lavender and purple, and the model to twelve-year-old brunette me, and this would be it (minus the lip gloss and the glamour…)

Scene 09: The Western Riding Outfit

Even though she did not feel like going shopping, on the way home she and Mama stopped at a western store so Mama could buy her a couple of new outfits. They got several pairs of riding jeans, some purple and lavender plaid western shirts with pearl snaps that she could work with one hand, a short indigo jacket that matched the jeans, a big lavender western hat to protect her face from the sun, and a pair of tan horse-riding gloves. When they got home, Mama cut the fingers and thumbs off the gloves, so Karen could get them on by herself.

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