The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 08: Pegasus at the Ranch

Soon after they reach the ranch and unload Pegasus from the trailer, Mama says it is time to go. They are all tired from the day, but little Karen wants to stay so she can regain her equipoise in the presence of Pegasus.

Scene 08: Pegasus at the Ranch

“We’re here, Mama! We’re here! Let’s help Tex get Pegasus out of the trailer!”

“I’m glad to see you happy, again!” Mama said with her compassionate smile, as they hurried to the trailer, hand-in-hand.

“Easy, Pegasus, this is your new home,” Tex said, as he backed Pegasus out of the trailer and handed Karen the reins.

She followed Tex through a gate in the white horse fence. He explained that the small pasture they entered was especially for new horses. It gave them a safe place where they could get used to the ranch, and it was close to the house, so Tex could keep an eye on them.

Karen followed Pegasus around the pasture while he grazed, and Mama asked Tex about the daily routine of the ranch. She wanted to learn what she needed to do as a responsible horse owner.

The shadows cast by the trees grew longer as the sun lowered in the sky. Mama excused herself from Tex.

“Karen,” she called. “It’s almost the end of the day. You and Pegasus must be exhausted after sleeping in the garage, last night, and then all the driving around, today. I think you both need a good night’s rest, and then you can visit, tomorrow.”

“I guess so,” Karen said.

“Say your goodbyes, Kitten,” Mama added. “We will come back, tomorrow.”

Karen put her arm around Pegasus’ neck and whispered into his ear, “I’m really looking forward to our daily visits, Pegasus. It will be so nice coming to call on you everyday, just like at the carousel, except now you’re real.”

Even though she forced herself to sound cheerful, Karen was trying hard to balance her inside self. She did not want to leave. She wanted to unwind, settle down and hang out with Pegasus. She needed time with Pegasus to regain her equipoise after the anxiety and activity of the day, but she knew she had to leave.

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