The Healing Horse, Ch. 10, Scene 1: Sunday Morning. Karen and Mama Get Ready to Visit Pegasus

Karen and Mama clean the house and get ready to visit Pegasus at his new home—the ranch. As Karen waits for her Mama to get dressed, she starts to fidget, but then she reminds herself that she needs to work on her health and strength, not just for herself, but for her horse.

Scene 1: Sunday Morning. Karen and Mama Get Ready to Visit Pegasus

The next morning came fast. Mama had a plan. Karen and she would quickly clean the house, and then she could spend the afternoon with Pegasus, while Mama bought groceries and ran errands. Karen used her strong right hand to vacuum and dust, while Mama cleaned the kitchen. By eleven, they were done.

Karen made sure she was ready before Mama was. She put on her new riding outfit, and just as she expected, the pearl snap buttons on the shirt were easy for her to close. In the living room, Karen squirmed in an overstuffed chair. Five minutes crept by, but Mama was still not ready. Karen told herself to stop fidgeting, and turned her attention to how she could make the most of the day.

Now that her magical horse was fully alive, she committed every millisecond of her life to him, so using her time with Pegasus had become critical to recovering and developing her own strength. Her in-tandem exercises would be her secret way to success. She could incorporate aerobic exercise into having fun with Pegasus. In addition to improving her balance by riding him, she could strengthen her legs by walking him. She could stretch her muscles while he rested. She would not waste a moment. Now that she had him back, she needed to get her health back on track. He needed her to be strong, and she needed to become stronger for herself.

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