The Healing Horse, Ch. 10, Scene 2: Mama Drops Off Kitten at the Stables

This is a short scene—just enough words to get little Karen from home to the ranch.

Scene 2: Mama Drops Off Kitten at the Stables

Mama appeared and asked if she were ready to go. In a moment, they were in the car, with Karen counting seconds until she could see her Pegasus, again. On Sunday mornings, there was almost no traffic, so they made the drive in fifteen minutes. At the stables, Karen felt as if she were floating, when she opened the Bel Air’s door and swung her feet to the gravel of the parking lot. In her right hand, she held a brown bag of goodies for lunch. In her heart, she held the promise of a mystical day with her horse.

Mama called out, “I’ll pick you up later this afternoon, Kitten. Have a good time.”

“Bye, Mama, I’ll see you later!”

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