The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 03: Spotting Joshua

The story grows more magical as Karen glimpses Joshua, and he gives her a thumbs up sign.

Scene 03: Spotting Joshua

From the shop they had only three more blocks to go. As they waited at a traffic light, Karen saw Joshua strolling along the sidewalk beside them. He doffed his cowboy hat, winked his eye, and smiled broadly while giving her the thumbs up sign.

“Pleasureful!” he called to her before disappearing around a corner.

“Pleasureful,” whispered Kitten to herself. He must live around here. I wanted to show him Pegasus and introduce him to Mama, but maybe I’ll see him, again.

“Why does this ride feel so magical?” Mama asked Kitten.

“Pegasus,” she could only sigh in reply.

Mama had not seen or heard Joshua.

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