The Healing Horse Ch 6, Scene 9: Kitten and Pegasus Develop Effortless Communication

Kitten’s daily visits with Pegasus help them develop a deep bond of acceptance, understanding, and love.

Scene 9: Kitten and Pegasus Develop Effortless Communication

In his gentle, serene voice, Pegasus told her mystical stories, and in return, he listened to her stories. He never interrupted her.

Karen felt totally at ease with her stallion. Visiting him daily made opening up and talking to him feel natural. Words came plainly, without pretense. His unconditional caring made feeling accepted easy for Karen. That’s why speaking whatever came to her mind became spontaneous. She knew that he would never judge or ridicule her. He treated her as the intelligent young person she was; whereas many people, especially adults, assumed that because she had cerebral palsy, she must also have profound intellectual disabilities. Pegasus knew differently and spoke to her with respect and deference.

For Pegasus, speaking to Karen was equally effortless. Karen listened to him intently. She was naturally empathic, and she wanted to be sympathetic to others. Therefore, her stallion found speaking to her easy. Likewise, he found giving Karen the attention and approval she needed simple and uncomplicated. He knew how to encourage her imagination and how to develop her mind’s eye, which made Karen feel unconditionally treasured and loved. They communicated sincerely and humbly, and reached out to each other with compassion.

Every day, Karen brought freshly picked, end-of-season sunflowers to Pegasus. She would ride no other horse but her loving, lavender and rainbow stallion. They became inseparable, connected by an intense affinity and a devout bond. She loved her horse; and he, her.

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