The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 10: Pegasus Shares His Story

As you may remember, little Karen is partially paralyzed on the left side. One reason she chose Pegasus as the horse she wanted to ride, was because one of his left hooves was badly injured. In this scene, she asks him to tell her what happened. In the next scene, you will find out.

Scene 10: Pegasus Shares His Story

One momentous Saturday several weeks later, Karen decided as usual to visit the pier. It was a quiet, delicious autumn morning. With much anticipation, she soon found herself at the carousel. Her happy heart told her that something most fundamental would be shared with her on this day.

The grand music pounded out its penetrating waltz. She and her magical horse inhaled each other’s essence and relaxed in each other’s presence as the ride began. Pegasus looked up at Kitten.

“You are such an extraordinary girl,” he said. “I have come alive for you and for you alone, because I now know my mission in life. I was sent to help you, to guide you, and to empower you, and you alone!”

Karen gasped. Her heart skipped a beat, like it did when she played hopscotch. She needed a moment to focus fully. When she did, the questions in her mind jumped like jacks bouncing on concrete. First, in a gentle way, she wanted to ask him about his broken hoof and its tandem likeness with her own left side partial paralysis.

She collected herself and then whispered, “Pegasus, how did your hoof get hurt?”

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